Depression can feel like a daily struggle. After all, it can lead to a lack of interest in daily life, impact drive, and poor hygiene dietary, and exercise habits. Relationships can be impacted in a negative way and performance in the workplace can become poor. How can you take preventative action to lessen the impact of depression in your everyday life? Consider these 4 tips:

1.)Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep is vital for proper motor function and allows the brain to reset to take on the next day. Better sleep can help build a positive mindset by allowing the brain to think more clearly, which can allow for better productivity at the workplace. Adults are recommended to get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. To get the most out of those hours, consider shutting off electronics an hour before bed for a more peaceful sleep.

2.)Eat healthy. The body and mind depend on a healthy diet to function at its best. A healthy diet can have a positive effect mentally and physically. Although there is no diet that cures depression, these foods may help with depression:

  • Water: Stay hydrated with 8 or more cups per day
  • Dark leafy green vegetables: Help fight against inflammation
  • Walnuts: Full of brain-healthy omega-3 fatty acids
  • Blueberries, oranges, cantaloupe: Rich with cell-repairing antioxidants
  • Avoid excessive alcohol use: Excessive alcohol use and depression can create a terrible spiral. Using alcohol to avoid the problems at hand is not the answer to a healthy life.


3.)Find comfort in close friends and family. Having a community of supportive loved ones can create stability in your life. Life can be difficult with depression and you shouldn’t go through it alone.

4.)Create a healthy outlet to focus on. Picking up an old hobby, creating a collection, or diving into a new book can all be enjoyable uses of your time and may help take focus away from your depressive symptoms.


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