Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder also known as ADHD, has become more common than doctors may have previously believed.  ADHD is becoming more and more prevalent in children, teenagers and adults all around the world.  Typically, ADHD is diagnosed in young children during their pediatric stages, but since the disorder is more commonly diagnosed than it used to be, adults may have ADHD but have no official diagnosis.  Because of the rapid increases we have seen in the diagnosis of ADHD in the last decade, we thought it would be helpful to provide a list of symptoms and signs for adults to be aware of.

1. Struggle getting organized

Individuals with ADHD have issues organizing tasks, understanding the importance of each and what to get done first.  They struggle more than normal when it comes to paying bills, keeping track of pickup times and work deadlines to name a few.


2. Reckless driving or traffic accidents

If you are struggling from ADHD, it can be difficult to pay attention to where you are going and how fast you are going, making it more likely to speed and have traffic accidents.


3. Distracted very easily

Those with ADHD obviously have problems with attention, so adult ADHD can make it difficult to succeed in the fast-paced times of today’s world.  Individuals with ADHD find themselves easily distracted in work environments, especially those that are a bit noisy or busy, making it difficult to finish tasks.


4. Poor listening skills

Zoning out is one of the more common warning signs of ADHD in both children and adults.  Zoning out in conversations with family, or meetings at work are a reflection of attention issues, which is a leading sign in the diagnosis of ADHD.


5. Unable to rest or trouble relaxing

While in children this symptom is the “hyperactive” aspect in ADHD, it can appear differently in adults.  Instead of the jumping, jittery, off-the-wall reactions of the disorder that children may have, adults tend to be more restless in the sense that they are just unable to relax both physically and mentally.


6. Trouble starting a task

Similar to how children put off doing their homework, adults are more likely to procrastinate tasks that require their attention.


7. Issues being on time

The inability to arrive on time is another major warning sign of ADHD.  This warning sign originates from the main symptom of being distracted. Individuals with ADHD tend to underestimate how much time it will take them to finish a task, which in turn leads to a delay in timeliness.


8. Outbursts of anger

ADHD often leads to issues when it comes to controlling emotions.  People with ADHD are often quick to overreact to minor issues.


9. Trouble prioritizing

Finally, people with ADHD have trouble prioritizing aspects of their day or life.  Typically, they struggle spending time on important obligations, while focusing more time on insignificant tasks.


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