Hot flashes, the sudden feeling of heat that many women experience before, during, or after menopause, create severe discomfort in the lives of the women who suffer from it. Hot flashes cause flushing and sweating that can negatively affect a woman’s daily life – including sleep disturbances, muscle weakness, and even depression. There are four major categories a woman can fall into for hot flashes – which are you?

Early Onset

For some women, hot flashes can start five to ten years before a woman’s last period. These hot flashes are considered “early onset” and can start even before a woman reaches “middle age.” The severity of these flashes are considered “middle-of-the-road”.

Late Onset

“Late onset” hot flashers do not experience their first hot flash until after menopause. These hot flashes typically last between two and five years after their last period. Like early onset flashes, late onset hot flashes are typically considered average in terms of severity.

The Lucky Few

There are a group of women, “the lucky few,” that never experience a hot flash before, during, or after menopause. Some of these women experience only a few hot flashes over the course of menopause. If one of the lucky few does have a hot flash, it is typically still uncomfortable, but not as severe as some of the other groups.

Super Flashers

“Super flashers” could also be considered the “unlucky few” in this scenario, as these women experience hot flashes earlier in life, similar to the early onset group, but also experience hot flashes for up to 15 years after the end of menopause. This means that the 1 in 4 women that fall into this category can experience hot flashes for over 25 years. While super flashes range in severity in the many years they run their course, they are typically the most severe in the few years closest to the end of menopause.

Researchers believe that women fall fairly evenly into these hot flash categories, meaning that each group is home to about 1 in 4 women. While there are many treatments on the market, and just as many natural remedies on the internet, there is no one-size fits all treatment or cure.

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