Between juggling your professional life, your family, friends, your social life and your own personal downtime, adding ADHD into the mix of that as an adult can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. Everyone has their own personal battles and difficulties that come with the disorder and whether you struggle with extreme forgetfulness, fidgeting, time management, or staying in a relationship, these 5 tips can help you manage, and potentially even overcome your daily struggles with ADHD.

Try minimizing distractions as much as possible – Between phone calls, dinner plans, browsing the web, picking up the kids, and handling all of your other everyday tasks, your day can become overwhelming very quickly.  Take out anything unnecessary in your day to help you stay on task and more focused.

Keep a daily to do list – It is so easy to forget the little things when you live with ADHD. Keeping a to-do list and staying organized will minimize the amount of tasks you forget to do and will also add some structure to your day.

Take 10 – When you are starting to feel distracted, physically step away from your desk or whatever you are doing for a few minutes.  Browse the web, answer your text messages or make a phone call.  Sometimes the brain just needs a quick break from what you’re currently doing in order to re-focus the attention on what’s needed.

Get some zzz’s – A lot of adults who suffer from ADHD also suffer from insomnia. Don’t get involved in a project at night.  This will create a second wind, which will only push your sleep back and negatively impact the following day. Try to also get in bed an hour before you would actually like to fall asleep, and do not bring electronics with you. Getting into bed an hour before you would like to fall asleep will give you extra time to settle down and disconnect from the rest of your day.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – The trick with ADHD though, is to indulge in a protein/fiber based breakfast. Skip the bagel and cream cheese and instead try eating a few hard boiled eggs, a banana, or some granola with yogurt.  The combination of protein and fiber-rich carbohydrates will give your brain the fuel it needs to stay focused and on task!


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