What is a hot flash?

A hot flash is an instant warm feeling, usually most fiercely over the face, neck, and chest. Excessive sweating and a rapid heartbeat usually accompany these symptoms. Hot flashes are the most common symptom of and are synonymous with menopause. Approximately 75% of women living with menopause will experience hot flashes, as they are the most common symptom.  Each individual occurrence can last anywhere from 2 minutes to a half-hour.

What is menopause?

Menopause is the time in a woman’s life when her periods become erratic and then stop altogether due to the natural decline in hormones. This natural occurrence usually happens around the ages of 40 to 50 years old.

How does stress affect menopause and hot flashes?

Stressors during menopause can worsen symptoms because of the natural hormonal imbalances taking place. Often, hot flashes can disrupt sleep cycles which in turn can affect mood swings and mental health. Many women report experiencing hot flashes when they’re having an emotional response to something. This occurs because emotional responses make the blood rush towards the skin’s surface, in turn triggering the hot flashes. The fluctuation in hormones can affect mood swings, physical reactions, and even trigger relapsing mental illness. Everything from hot flashes to night sweats to fatigue and insomnia can be irritated and triggered by mood swings, which are the product of the imbalance in hormones. All these triggers are connected and can affect each other in an unrelenting intertwined cycle.

How can hot flashes be managed?

Staying hydrated and drinking the standard 8 cups of water a day is important for the management of hot flashes, as dehydration can increase the severity of hot flashes. Other tips include layering clothes, laying off spices, and placing your feet in an ice old foot bath. For more in-depth tips on how to manage hot flashes, feel free to visit our other blogs Chill Out! 5 Ways to Naturally Reduce Body Heat and Hot Flash Tips (All Natural!) .

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