By now, we are all well aware of the physical symptoms of COVID-19 to watch out for: loss of taste and smell, sore throat and congestion, dry cough. We have adapted to guidelines to keep the community as safe and healthy as possible. October is depression and mental health awareness month, so what better time to reflect on the implications that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on mental wellbeing.

Unprecedented Times

We have been living in pandemic times for over a year and a half in the United States, and many changed facets of life are now simply viewed as the “new normal”. However, it is important to recognize that the unprecedented changes we’ve experienced have taken a toll on our society in more ways than one. Unemployment rates skyrocketed, small businesses struggled to stay afloat, and families have tried to juggle remote school and work under one roof. Frontline workers have put their own health at risk to tend to those with severe cases of COVID, and many are fearful of contracting COVID or spreading it to their most vulnerable loved ones. As a result of these tumultuous times, the nation is experiencing a mental health crisis that should not be ignored.

The Mental Health Crisis

According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 2 in 5 Americans reported that their mental health has been negatively impacted due to the coronavirus. Some are having trouble eating or sleeping, and feelings of loneliness and isolation brought on by quarantining and social distancing have led to an increase in depression and anxiety among the population, and no demographic is exempt from these effects. Stress, anxiety, and grief surrounding the uncertainty of the times has led to an uptick in PTSD diagnoses as well.

If you feel as though your mental health has declined as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, know that you are not alone. Talk to a trusted loved one and consult a mental health professional for guidance.

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