Soldier Having Counselling Session Holding Head In Hands.Major Depressive Disorder affects millions of Americans every year. Despite the fact that it is rather common, depression can be very serious. By affecting your emotions, behavior, and the chemistry of your brain, depression can change the very nature of who you are. If you or a loved one suffer from Major Depressive Disorder, you may be looking for answers about depression, its effect on mood and normal functioning,  and what treatment options are available to you. Let’s take a look.

What is Major Depressive Disorder?

Major Depressive Disorder is a mood disorder that affects the way you feel, act, and think. This disorder can develop at any time and can affect both men and women. The likelihood of developing this disorder can be linked to things like genetics, biochemistry, hormone imbalances, drug abuse, trauma, significant life changes, serious physical illness, and even stress. This disorder can be characterized by extreme feelings of sadness, anxiety, a loss of libido, restlessness, and / or a loss of interest in things that were once stimulating for you, with a major impact on daily functioning. Additional symptoms can include sleeping more than usual or impaired sleep, irritability, weight loss or gain, loss of appetite, inability to focus, isolation, and overall lethargy.

How can Major Depressive Disorder affect your daily life?

Imagine that you’re watching your favorite movie or spending time with your best friend. Though you used to laugh and enjoy this time, it now seems far away from you. You can’t seem to focus on the events happening around you. You may feel anxious when you think about going to work or other activities that once felt very natural. You might feel like you can’t seem to “wake up” or like it’s a struggle to get out of bed at all. You may even feel like you’re becoming a burden to your friends and family because you’re just “not as fun as you used to be.” If any of these scenarios sound like you and have persisted for two months or longer, then you may consider speaking with a mental health professional about the possibility of depression affecting your life.

Consider a clinical trial in Major Depressive Disorder

Pharmasite Research currently offers several clinical trials of investigational treatments for Major Depressive Disorder. Qualified study participants will receive at no cost:

-An initial psychiatric evaluation and follow-up throughout the study by trained professionals

-Health evaluations (lab work, physical exams, ECG)

– Potentially receive investigational medication to treat major depressive disorder either alone or in combination with an antidepressant

-Post study follow-up care

For more information or questions about volunteering for a clinical trial, please contact Mike at Pharmasite Research, Inc. 410.602.1440 or visit our website at To learn more about our study on Depression, click here.