ladyshadowPharmasite Research. Inc. uses a simple, three-part process for study participants:

1. Phone Screening

The process begins with a confidential phone call with a Recruiter. The Coordinator will discuss the purpose of a study, how long the study will last, what will occur at study visits and the treatments involved. The Coordinator will also ask questions to determine if you may qualify for the study.

2. In-person Screening

If you are found to qualify for a study based on the phone-screening, we will schedule you to be seen for an in-person screening at our office. This visit allows our physicians and staff to directly assess your health status and current symptoms.

3. Enrollment

Based on the results of the assessments at the in-person screening visit, you will be eligible to enroll into the study.

What if I don’t qualify on phone-screening or in-person screening?

Sometimes, a person may not qualify for a specific study due the eligibility criteria for that study. If you do not qualify for a specific study, you will be asked if you wish to be contacted in the future when another study becomes available. If you choose to be included, Pharmasite will contact you again in the future for other appropriate study opportunities.